Community Cooperative

A Cooperative at Arcosanti

Arcosanti is an experimental micro-city in the Arizona desert. A Sharing Network is used by "Arcoop" members to inventory their needs and resources. They're exploring revolutionary ways to maximize the visibility of the community while protecting the built and natural environment.

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Interest Group

FairShares Association

The FairShares Association uses it's Sharing Network to organize the needs and resources of a group of people who are pushing to see more FairShares Cooperatives established.

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Commons Hospitality Network

The CHN is a network of people striving to expand the commons. They are often traveling in their endeavours and they use their Sharing Network to utilize the commons network to find and offer a bed to sleep in during their travels.

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Sdílena Community

This Czech town uses their Sharing Network as a gifting and trade network. The community swap meets continue once the doors shut.

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