The first complete Cooperative in the USA

AnyShare Society is the first company in the United States (and online company in the World) to include ALL stakeholder groups in voting and dividend sharing.

This is a BIG milestone in how ethical companies are structured! It also lets anyone become an AnyShare cooperative member and support this movement!

FairShares P2P Foundation Coop
Dear Reader,

For over a decade, we've asked ourselves how our business can enhance everyone’s life… from Day 1. Today, it’s common for multi-national corporations to extract value from local communities. This does not have to be the case.

Our path is revolutionary.

AnyShare Society is the first “Complete Cooperative” in the United States. We are the first to structure ourselves so every group we impact can co-own, vote, and receive profits from our success. It is not business as usual, which aims to widen the gap between the rich and poor.

We invite you to join us and co-create a business which will be a model in itself for businesses of the future. By doing this, you’re doing more than just supporting AnyShare Society… you’re creating an abundant future for us all!


Rob Jameson Eric Doriean

What's it cost?

Coop Membership costs a once only US$50 fee.

To be active beyond the first year, all Coop Members need to spend $10 or contribute 1 hour of volunteer time within that year.

As a Coop Member you receive:

Voting Rights - You can propose and vote on resolutions.
Dividends - 70% of Net Profits are distributed back to our members.
Access - to member-only resources

Gateway to co-ownership

This makes you a Community Cooperative Member of AnyShare. If you'd like more substantial opportunities and rewards, consider joining our other stakeholder groups after you've become a Community Cooperative member.

Want to know more?

We've prepared a support website to answer any queries you may have. Visit it here.

21st Century Way to Be the Change

To become a Coop Member, please Sign-In or Sign-Up and return here to complete your application.