Our mission is to provide simple tools for people to self-organize and share resources. Our vision is to do this planet-wide, and end human-made scarcity through sharing!



AnyShare's team is distributed across various countries. We provide an open enrolment policy.



Our products help people share with each other in online and offline environments.



We dream and build better tools for creating access in a planetary ecosystem.

Our Complete Cooperative

Introducing a new Business Paradigm

We dream of a future where anybody can create abundance for themselves, their family and their community. We believe we must embody this change ourselves first, and so we began with our business structure.

AnyShare Society modified the FairShares Bylaws to become the first United States company (and first online company in the World) to include ALL stakeholder groups in voting and dividend profit sharing.

This is a BIG milestone in how ethical companies are structured! It also lets anyone become an AnyShare cooperative member

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4 Ways to Co-Create

AnyShare is built on the practices of sharing openly. For this reason, we invite you to become involved in various solutions we are developing.

  1. First, view our Sharing Network to see open opportunities with our organization.
  2. Next, consider joining our Cooperative! You get a voice and share in the surplus profits. Learn more here.
  3. Developers will be interested in our API and upcoming open source release. We're also working on the first Open Source reciprocity-based license called PEARL. Learn more.
  4. Finally, we have various other experiments and collaborations in the mix. Stay current by joining our newsletter below.
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